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On Amy Winehouse’s passing…

I was and will continue to be a huge fan of Amy Winehouse. Her albums have helped me thru some dark times, and I was a fan of her sincerity, as well as her swagger. I found out she died on my 28th birthday. She was only a year younger than me, which struck me cold. The jaded assholes who say ‘Oh she got what she deserved,” make me sick. The people screaming “Wait- what about this other (headline) tragedy??” don’t seem to get it either.

 It’s no use comparing one to the other. It’s sad when one person dies, it’s sad when 20 people die, it’s sad when 2,000 people die, it’s sad when ANYONE dies, (including those who society deems “worthy” of death). As humans, we celebrate life, and mourn when it ends.

People will always feel a little deeper for the passing of those with whom they’ve made a personal connection. With a celebrity, we feel like we “know” the person through their work and public persona. Whether we love or hate them, we relate and compare ourselves to them.

Who are we to judge? We live in an age where most people have the ability to spread their opinions instantly via social media (like this very post, on tumblr!) but what is the point of spreading disdain or hate for someone who is now dead simply because we are miffed the world seems sad at their passing? What is the point of putting more negative energy out into the universe?


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